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Alpha Phi Lambda Chapter was founded in 1935 in Norfolk, Va.  The foundations of the chapter were laid 15 years earlier in 1920.  The founding Brothers were George W.C. Brown Sr., Samuel F. Coppage, Charles G. Owings, H.S. Stanbeck, Arthur J. Walls, John Anderson, and William T. MasonSr. These men of extraordinary vision paved the way for future achievements the chapter would make. 


The greater Peninsula area created transportation challenges to reach Norfolk.  These challenges resulted in the formation of Alpha Phi Lambda Chapter from its parent chapter Zeta Lambda.  Many of the officers of Zeta Lambda Chapter became charter members of Alpha Phi Lambda Chapter. 


Alpha Phi Lambda was instrumental in the founding of Norfolk State University chartered in 1935.  Brother Lyman Brooks led the university then.  Under his leadership the university expanded its programs and campus.  Norfolk State University is now a leader in global education.


Other accomplishments in the early days included:

  1. The formation of Norfolk Community Hospital serving the local community

  2. Support of the William A. Hunton Branch of the YMCA in Norfolk.  It still exists today.

  3. Support of the Norfolk Journal and Guide the regional African American Publication.

Fast forwarding to today Alpha Phi Lambda Chapter continues to support South Hampton Roads YMCA through board membership.  It also supports the National Programs of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated.  On a local level the chapter Voter Registration, CENSUS, March of Dimes, Salvation Army bell ringing for donations, and food baskets to select families for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The chapter improves its members well-being through weekly exercise opportunities.  Public participation improves the health of the community as well.

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